Try My Bucket Drill to Add More Power to Your Golf Swing!

Many golfers, especially as they get older, fail to properly use one of the biggest power sources in the body – the legs and hips. Instead they try to overuse the arms especially the left arm in a pulling action, which results in a whole list of issues like slicing and the chicken wing for starters.

Sometimes the only way to get these golfers to feel the proper motion of the lower body is to strip them of this power source, in otherwords, take the arms away. Now the only way they can advance the club is through the proper use of the weight shift which will stimulate the turning of the torso. In this manner, the arms are driven around the circle rather than independently acting.

To get the feel of a legs and body powered swing try my bucket drill:

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    September 28, 2021 4:32 am

    Steve, can you expound on how you use this, or ANY drill, to get it ingrained into your swing? step-by-step progression? I get to a point, get frustrated. It takes commitment, and discipline. Need to find that. I’ve purchased your swing analysis – I’ll get my videos to you this week. I’m looking forward to finding what I’ve been searching for through you and Hit It Longer!

    • Yeah disciplined practice escapes most golfers. A drill is used everyday to make something become more coordinated, or familiar. Then you start working it into your regular driving range swings.

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