All Good Golf Swings Share THIS in Common

I know there are a lot of Mike Austin swing purists out there who will accept nothing less than a PERFECT Austin form – and you people might want to close your eyes for a minute.

My litmus test for whether or not something is ‘good enough’ is this question: Has somebody won a million dollars doing it this way? Then it must work ok and you don’t necessarily have to change it.

Remember Mike practiced his craft all day every day with a burning fire to do so. How many golfers in the world right now are like that? 500? 1000? But you have limited time to work on your swing, so you must accept that it will never be perfect – you will never look like Mike Austin.

But you can continue to improve and add Austin principles one at a time.

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So what is IT? All great swings have share good impact zones. They might vary quite a bit in their takeaways, at the top, and even as far down as the slot. But the moment of truth is only 1/1000 of a second where all the information from the club gets passed to the ball. You had better be good there.

This is why I harp on people to do their fundamental drills of pivot and release a hundred times each per day. Train the muscles and body angles that will give you good impact, good contact, good direction, efficient distance.

So what if you’re a little inside on the way back or a little laid off at the top? Golf is not a game of perfect by any means.

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  • Absolutely great and very clear in making the golf/body movements understandable for beginners as well as more advanced golfers. Everything makes sense to me as I try to emulate the Austin swing as much as I can make my body (and mind) cooperate with what I want it to do including some specific stretches and exercises in the morning. Great stuff – keep putting it out for us to follow. Thx a miilion.

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