Throw the Clubhead for Massive Distance Gains!

Most golfers get in their own way when it comes to generating clubhead speed. The average golfer stifles the ‘throwing’ action of the arms and hands – or even worse has been coached to hold or control the action of the wrists.

The basis for a perfect power golf swing is the free, unimpeded throwing motion of the clubhead very similar to skipping a rock (right hand).

What I see most in students is either carrying too much tension in the hands throughout the swing (see my toothpaste video), or simply have to conceived of the throw as a viable method of hitting a golf ball.

We must start in a throwing position at the top of the swing with the upper arm free from the ribcage with width and space. Otherwise, with an arm packed in tight to the body, we cannot get a mature throwing motion.

Once you’ve learned how to throw efficiently, developing a perfect golf swing is just a matter of positioning the body underneath it.

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  • In this video it looks like your right hand is doing all the work. Much like a shortstop throwing to first base. However in your, “Mike Austin Detailed Hand Action for Hitting Draws and Fades” it’s your left hand doing all the work. How do you explain this?

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