Senior Golfers: Add up to 50 Yards With This Drill Sequence!

I work with many golfers over 55, and many of them lack the necessary driving distance to keep their scores in the 80’s and 90’s where golf continues to be fun for them.

As we golfers age, and through being sedentary, we start to lose flexibility and it affects our golf swings. We start to lose clubhead speed and driving distance.

In this video I take 71 year old Walt through my speed progression drills. He is up 20 mph from 78 to 98, up about 50 yards off the tee, and his scores are down from 103 to 88 average. He now has a career best of 267 yards.

I believe speed is an independent skill that can be nurtured at any age. When Walt puts some of his newfound speed together with his best technique swings, he hits a beautiful high draw.

You too can drive it farther than you’ve ever realized. Just follow this same progression about 3 times per week.

I’ve taught golfers as old as 90 to hit longer drives. Don, who was 83, achieved a best drive of 227 yards on Trackman. Carlos, at age 72, just broke his record at 266.

These are not lifelong golfers. All 3 took up golf after retirement, so to hit the ball this long and straight is a really large feat.