UNLOCKED Swing Speed Trainer




Overweight and overspeed training clubs are an integral part of a great speed training program!

Improve your golf game and train your body to move faster, stronger, and more efficiently. The players trainer is recommended for those with less than 120 mph swing speed. (Already swing 120 mph? Go to our long drive model)

  • Quick interchangeable weights come in a convenient carrying case
  • Gold weight locked on makes the trainer 380 grams, creating 20% more total weight than a standard driver
  • Silver weight locked on makes the trainer 260 grams, creating 20% less total weight than a standard driver
  • 46” Stiff shaft assembled with an adapter
  • 6 Week speed training routine (Available on Youtube or our Training page)
  • Out driving everyone else, FREE, with putting in the work
  • Please note: Swing into a net or open area only. Do not hit the ground or other objects with the Trainer

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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