Unlock the POWER Muscles in Your Golf Swing!

So many golfers either pull with their arms in absence of full body movement, or pull the handle of the golf club like they are harpooning a whale.

This will lead to many serious issues with the flight of your drives. Pulling the club down from the top typically causes slicing and a tendency to strike the heel, but you could also get a chicken wing and a shanking problem if it’s particularly bad.

If you’re having an issue with short distance off the tee, even though you feel like your clubhead speed supports more distance, this could be the cause.

Drives hit with this flaw tend to have low launch, high spin, and will start left and leak back to the right. Roll distance will be negligible – maybe around 10 yards. The ball will appear to climb, or ‘balloon’, especially into a headwind.

To fix this, check out the exercises I detail in the video posted above. Once your get the big muscles of the legs and trunk involved in your golf swing, you can slowly allow your arms to become more and more relaxed and passive. Some have described this feeling as a ‘free ride’.

Meanwhile the wrists and elbows are ‘throwing’ the clubhead out away from the body trying to generate maximum centrifugal force.

Getting rid of the pulling arms is critical for hitting for maximum distance efficiency. While the arm pull may feel strong, it’s causing the clubhead to be slower, while less energy will ultimately be transferred to the ball at impact. Instead of a 250 yard drive, you might only experience 225 or 230 at 90 mph.