How to Hit Massive Drives! A Step by Step Guide

There are a myriad of ways and approaches to hit longer drives in golf.  In the video below, I have brought my latest eBook, ‘4 Pillars for Hitting Long Drives’ into video form.

In it, I explain the 4 Pillars and how you can use them to formulate a plan to increase your clubhead speed and driving distance this year – maybe by as much as 50 yards!


The 4 Pillars are:  solid golf swing mechanics, proper driver fitting, maximum distance efficiency, and speed training.

I recommend that you attack them in that order.  Speed training, while fun and good exercise, probably yields smaller gains for the average golfer than the first three.  You should explore improving your power stroke mechanics first as for most this will have the most potential for picking up valuable clubhead speed and solid contact.

The video is an overall guide and does not cover tons of specifics in any of the areas.  For example, since there are thousands of clubhead and shaft combinations, I could not possibly review them all in one video.  It would be prohibitably expensive as well.

For driver fitting, you should consult a pro that you trust as the perfect fit may be as simple as adjusting your existing driver.  In many cases, however, there is another driver out there than will be a better fit than what you are currently playing.

All of the major equipment manufacturers make top notch driver heads which all produce the maximum speed and distance allowable by USGA rules.  There is no secret sauce or design that makes the ball go 15 yards longer anymore.

Do you know what the optimal flight looks like?  It depends on what your current speed a distance is, as well as your angle of attack.  However, the higher launch you can get, with lower spin, the farther your drives will probably go.

Now of course, this is in neutral conditions with fairly firm ground as simulated on the Trackman launch monitor.  For different conditions, like softer ground or wind, it might require a different flight to get the maximum distance.  You might optimize for carry instead.

Drives that get hit downwind often go farther with more backspin as they get caught in the wind longer and really soar.  Long drive legend Jason Zuback thought he had achieved the perfect combination of launch and spin but was knocked out of the world championship one year in a hard downwind conditions as hitters with spinnier launch conditions were able to outdrive him with less clubhead speed.  His ball seemed to get knocked down by the breeze.

Of course what flight is optimal will depend on the conditions you face from shot to shot.

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  • Thank you Steve. Do you happen to have more student lessons that you can post to see the progression from beginner to killing the ball?

  • Conrad Glewicz
    December 5, 2019 11:03 am

    Thank you, worked with Mr. Mike Austin years ago, still have my “Flammer,” great to see you keeping up the memory of this golf, and life legend,,,CGG…

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