My 2 Keys to Virtually Unlimited Clubhead Speed!

Mike Austin always talked about supple quickness, and we can use this philosophy to ramp up the clubhead speed of our golf swings by a massive amount.

We apply the quickness in two areas of the swing – the pivot and the throw of the clubhead.

First, in the pivot, which shifts our body weight from the rear post to the front post, and also unwinds our body, we will become increasingly quick by first mastering the basic movements against a wall.

Like legendary basketball coach John Wooden used to explain, “First correctly, then quickly.”  We should go slowly with the pivot movement and build the proper micro movements of the shift-turn.  Then practice performing it more and more quickly.  This is not a function of great strength, but intermuscular coordination developed in the brain.

Next, we will become quicker and freer snapping or whirling the clubhead about the wrists.

Ideally we will have the wrists wound up to 90 degrees or more during the backswing, and then we will throw the clubhead with a whipping motion about the wrists until it arrives 90 degrees cock on the other side, or relative to the right forearm.

Your practice sequence should look like this:

-Practice without a club or ball against the wall slowly to learn the perfect pivot.
-Add a club but still no ball.  Progressively add speed until you are blindingly quick
-Practice supple quickness every day and you will keep improving.
-Introduce a ball in the way of the motion.  Don’t have high expectations.
-Continue practicing with and without a golf ball to coordinate the motion.
-On the course, just let it happen.

Over the next few weeks, you can greatly increase your clubhead speed with these principles.  Combined with my speed training techniques covered in the member section, you can really start hitting it out there this season!